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Bicycle Alaska!

8 day, 8 nights, $2995 U.S.


Our most challenging All-Alaskan Tour, the Bicycle Alaska Tour has seven days that average 65 miles of bicycling.  Our route includes a rides on the Glenn Highway and the Alaska Highway and 360-mile bicycle ride down the spectacular Richardson Highway. The Richardson Highway runs from the center of the state to the coast, almost in a straight line. This gives you the opportunity to see the different climate zones, mountains, and river basins of the Alaskan interior and Southcentral Alaska. While taking us far from most of the ‘tourist’ areas, in our opinion it is the most scenic, low traffic, paved highway in the state. We return to the Anchorage area via a cruise across Prince William Sound. All together, this tour gives you the best-detailed overview of Alaska possible in this amount of time.

Tour Map


Day 1: After breakfast in Anchorage, we van north beyond the population centers and down the Glenn Highway into the Copper River Valley. as we ride, the Talkeetna Mountains fall away on our left.  To the right, we pass Nelchina and Tazlina glaciers, the outlets of major ice fields in the Chugach range.  As we near our destination, the enormous volcanoes of the Wrangell Mountains seem to grow directly in front of us!  Total bicycling 68 miles.
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Day 2: We head north on the Tok-cutoff with the Alaska Range on our immediate left. The Alaska Range is geologically very young with steep mountains stained with vast mineral fields.   To our right loom the Wrangell Mountains, with Mount Sanford at 16,237 feet dominating this incredible view. The road bends to the left and we pass through the range at Mentastna Pass, only 2,400 feet.  We then drop down the Tok River into the great Alaskan interior.  We spend the night in Tok.  Total bicycling 70 miles.

Day 3:  From Tok we cycle north on the world famous Alaska Highway.  The Alaska Range is on our left, and to the right, the Tanana River.  It is a spectacular day, on a beautiful and seemingly empty highway!  We spend the night in Fairbanks.  Total bicycling 60 miles.

Day 4: Our tour of the Richardson Highway begins with a 75-mile ride from the outskirts of Fairbanks to Delta Junction. The road winds along the magnificent, wild Tanana River as it flows through the interior of Alaska on its way to join the Yukon. The warm weather and thick forest here are typical of the huge Alaskan Interior. As we cross the Tanana River, we get an excellent view of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Ahead looms the mighty Alaska Range, highlighted by Mt. Deborah (12,339 ft.) and Mt. Hayes (13,832 ft).  Total bicycling 75 miles.

Day 5: We leave Delta Junction and began the gradual climb up the glacial Delta River toward Isabel Pass. Passing through the Alaska Range, we see huge ice fields on either side of the road. Enormous mineral fields color the mountains in different hues of red, gray and brown. We ride along beautiful Summit Lake, only 3,000 feet in elevation, yet well above treeline. Total bicycling 68 miles.

Day 6: Leaving the Alaska Range behind us, we pass Paxson Lake and drop into the Copper River Basin. We pass many small rivers and lakes as the road parallels the Gulkana River. Moose, caribou, and trumpeter swans are common sights in this area. We stop for dinner at the historic Gakona Lodge (built in 1906). Total bicycling 70 miles.

Day 7: We wind our way up the Tsaina River, toward Thompson Pass. On the way we stop off at Worthington Glacier, only yards from the road! Thompson Pass is only 2,678 feet, but far above treeline, and the views from here are truly spectacular. Don't forget your camera! We now drop 2,500 feet in six miles into the Lowe River Valley. Following the Lowe River, we ride through the vertical rock walls and numerous waterfalls of Keystone Canyon. We spend the night in Valdez, port for the Alaska State Ferry, and across the bay from the Trans - Alaska Pipeline Terminal.  Total bicycling 58 miles.

Day 8: We wake up early and board a ship of the Alaska Marine Highway for an unforgettable trip across Glacier studded Prince William Sound. We leave the ship in Whittier, and board a shuttle for a fifteen-minute ride UNDER the Chugach Mountains to Portage. At Portage Glacier Lodge we have our Emotional Ice Cream Party, then van back to Anchorage.